Post Adoption Services


Most adoptees at times think about their adoption, background and roots, but for some it becomes important to find out more. Since the 1990s, we have a program to help adult adoptees acquire more information about their background.

Working with roots has taught us the importance of keeping records of the history of each child. In our contacts with the countries of origin, we try to ensure that all efforts are made to collect and preserve as much information as possible about the child’s background. This information provides a link with the past and is important for the understanding of origin, identity and culture.

Anyone who came to Sweden through Adoptionscentrum can have access to the background information contained in the adoption act. With the help of authorities and organisations in the countries of origin, we can also assist adoptees in their search for their biological family. We offer counselling, guidance and support during this, often emotional, process.


A motherland tour requires both practical and emotional preparation in order to become a positive experience. Adoptees have different aims for their motherland tours: getting to know their first country and its culture, visiting important places like orphanages and hospitals, meeting with biological and/or foster families. Adoptionscentrum’s role is to organize these important meetings.

Adoptionscentrum also organises group tours. These give the adoptees an opportunity to return to their country of birth along with others who share similar experiences.


Families who have adopted from the same country have formed their own “country associations”. They arrange annual gatherings, often with cultural elements from the country. This has become an important part of life for the adoptees as they create links and friendships for life. As grown-ups, some of them have continued the trend by creating special associations for adoptees adopted from a certain country and/or continent.